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23 Eylül 2020

Guest Of Honor

No matter how long a man is life lasts, it’s like a short journey, there must be an end, Human beings are a guest who came into this world; İn an environment where he doesn’t cross his borders, he starts his journey thinking about different sides of the world and grows up, he begins his journey by establishing his hopes and dreams of the future. He works tirelessly with his knowledge of his knowledge of the environment that embraces him and fills his heart with joy and arising from his wisdom. İn the middle of his life, he continues to achiere his goals and dreams by trying to over come all obstacles and using all the facilities in his hands. However, of course, he will have to face difficult and perhaps exceptional situations and give up his goals, which he hopes for, keeps insisting and doesn’t want to give up regardless of. Culture, science and experiences from previous civilizations gain as they take steps to achieve it’s purpose. He blends in with the experience and culture he has gained from the country where he lives. Therefore, one should always focus on their interests, select previous ones, whatever the circumstances, no matter how things change, they must walk to wards the goals they want. Durnig his short journey in this life, human has the power to make and create changes that make life easier by using his will, wisdom, diligence and experiences gained in various fields, so he should take care of various areas and  areas that can be kept away from being under the control of other nations that gain independence with it. There must be a generation that can take care of the problems of our ummah. Therefore, our children should see all our interests and appreciations, we need to direct their own skills and hobbies to areas that adapt, this generation is a generation that the ummah trusts later. We shouldn’t be standing in a limited place. We shouldn’t impose restrictions on us. Our country is the country that allows us to use our energies and experiences in the right areas, so as generations who are ready to take on this trouble follow each other, we will be able to bring our ummah to it’s rise. Every human has superior power. If he uses it well, he will raise himself and his ummah and he’s a rival to other nations. Success isn’t limited to a specific group or in a specific area. Each of us should know their own abilities and we must realize their own power. Because change begins from within us. Our ummah needs every individual little our big, strength and powerless. That’s why he should take advantage of this short trip, our ummah must achieve it’s goats, with perseverance, a broad idea in all areas of life, despite all the difficultand painful situations we’ve been through, he must act with superior lives that don’t tire. After tonight, we must believe that there will be a birth

Aoufa Al Karfan

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