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23 Eylül 2020

Experience in Turkey as an Exchange Student

I don’t have enough words to share my experience as an exchange student in turkey, excitement which overflows after this wonderful trip. It was an unforgettable experience in my life. For me, it was quite challenging because I belong to a country of totally different culture and adapting in the culture of turkey was challenging as well as fascinating. It was
an unexpected and unplanned trip because I had never expected to go to turkey but now I don’t regret my decision coming to turkey. After making lots of amazing friends it feels like now it is my second home, a big Turkish family. Talking about academics and life in
Manisa My university was manisa celal bayar university. It was a semester of 4 months.  I learnt lots of things during this semester. From the background of electrical and electronics engineering, I made projects, I improved my writing skills, as we had to write lots of assignments and reports. Moreover it was a great chance to compare the education
system of two countries. I got an immense support from the teachers. They helped throughout my projects, homework’s and lots of things. My friends helped me in my homewroks,studing and projects. They were always there when I needed them In the beginning I was little scared about people, whom I am going to meet. But soon my fear disappeared because the people I met here turned into my best friends, they took me to movies, road trips, games, restaurants. After college we all meet in the library and rest of the time we spend there. Now I feel like most of my 80% time I spent in library. Apart
from studies my friends also taught me Turkish dance .This part of my life in turkey is best part. I also travelled lots of places in Izmir, since it was a closest city from manisa, I went to hiking on the mountains, to see the old city of Ephesus. The biggest problem for me was
language, Earlier I was totally unknown to the Turkish language but now I speak and understand little Turkish. In Istanbul It is really an amazing city with the Bosporus port and historical structure. Turkish delights were really delicious, people are really friendly. There are lots of museums in the city, the city is crowded with lots of people and traffic problem but the developed transport makes it easier. I was staying in the anadolu platform
charity homes and the homes were in centre of the city from where everything is reachable like metros, bus and lots of visiting sites. The people working here are really very helpful and friendly, I didn’t feel any problem during my stay here. Also there is bookstore which
has lots of amazing books and it is very beautiful bookstore and café in the centre of the city. I was surprised to see such a big organization like anadolu platform which is working on a large scale. And I must say one should visit this bookstore coming to Istanbul.
I was enlighten by very close friend Osman, he is like my big brother, He told me about the teachings of Islam and believing in one God(Allah) and also good teachings mentioned in Quran. He aslo gifted me Quran to know and understand Muslim religion more deeply. And
I also accepted Muslim religion in one of the oldest mosque Sultanahmet mosque.
Now I feel very peace in my mind. I believe that I would heartily follow this religion and the teachings of holy Quran. And I would thanks my big brother Osman abi for all this .
Now it feels like I came here yesterday and today I have to go, time really passed like someone pressed the fast forward button my life, I wish if I could slow down this time. Being away 4 months and living alone in a completely different part of the world has taught me lots of things. My perspective has changes on many ways I never would have imagined. I now can say that I am independent and I appreciate my family, my teachers and friends, open to new ideas and more confident about myself and at last I would say it was the best time of my life.

Prashant Bhardwaj

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