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23 Eylül 2020

Coronavirus Health In Scope Of The Ministry Applies Policies

In the Covid-19 outbreak, all units are trying to keep this outbreak under control by working adequately and selflessly in Turkey. Especially the Ministry of Health has a magnificent contribution to this success. When Covid-19 outbreak started in the world, border gates were closed in our country. When Covid-19 outbreak started in the world, border gates were closed in our country and this was a splendid and timely decision. Our citizens coming from abroad were quarantined for 14 days. In addition, our citizens who are in very distant countries are brought to our country by vehicles like plane and helicopter etc. In this process, our country protected citizens of Turkey. The information and warnings made by the Ministry of Health on social media had a great impact on preventing the epidemic. (isolation, avoidance of touching, social distance etc.)The Ministry of Health transparently explains the number of cases and deaths every day. Thus, they continues to emphasize the seriousness and importance of the situation. The Ministry of Health has provided Covid-19 test and treatment to its citizens free of charge. In other countries, this test is chargeable. However, it is free in Turkey and this proves that the country is the fact that those whose treatment has been finished is kept under quarantine in home for 14 days after leaving the hospital is a very effective decision. Thus, it prevents the outbreak from spreading again. Banning the sale of masks and providing them for free is a very good decision. While there is a problem finding a mask in other countries, it is distributed free of charge in our country. We even send masks, protective equipment, medical supplies to other countries. It points how strong our country is. It has shown that the Ministry of Health is always a supporter of health workers. Protective equipment, high salaries, etc. a very positive decision. The sufficient number of hospitals, the number of beds and even the construction of Sahara hospitals that can operate at any time, show how strong we are in the field of health. Especially the City hospitals have played a preventive role in this regard. The large city hospitals and the transformation of all rooms into intensive care conditions when necessary shows that we are ready even if the outbreak is growing in the future.

Intercity travel restriction is a necessary and appropriate decision. Because the epidemic is prevented from spreading from the province to province. The curfew on the weekend is a very important decision. Especially due to the spring, citizens are restricted from going out. It allows you to stay isolated at home. The curfew of our citizens aged 65 and under 20 is a very important decision. Especially over 65 years of age, this disease is very serious and fatal. In our daily life, it is very important and correct to comply with social distance rules and to use masks in public places (market places, etc.). The closure of places open to society (shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, picnic areas etc.) prevents the spread of the epidemic. It is a very correct decision to restrict the work of workplaces (such as hairdressers), where there is a high risk of contamination. In short, our health ministry and all other units are fighting very well against this epidemic. Likewise, our citizens follow the rules very well. It shows how strong we are in the country and that we fight very well against the epidemic.

We would like to thank all of our healthcare professionals, especially our Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca and everyone.

Basem Dhair

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