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23 Eylül 2020

Oblique (Hadba) Minaret

Oblique (hadba) minaret is considered to be one of the most important historical monuments in the city of Mosul.It is the minaret of Büyük(Great)Nuri Mosque which was
built by the son of Imamettinn Zengi (Nurettin Mahmut Zengi) in hijri 566. It is located at the Büyük Nuri Mosque on the west side of the Tigris river, which divides the city of Mosul into two.The area that forms the perimeter of the mosque is called “the neighborhood of the great mosque”.This minaret took the name “hadba” from the curvature
that is very obvious to the eye.The Hadba minaret which was built in 1170 by the governor of Mosul is located in the second mosque of the city.It is 65 meters high and 17 meters width.It is one of the 17 oblique towers which are located in different parts of the world.This historical work, made by architect İbrahim,who is from Mosul, was made by taking into his consideration of construction methods:engineering aspects and the effects
of environmental and climatic factors on the homogeneity, artistic and decorative
features, the connection between religion and architecture and other architectural innovations.It is possible to see all of these with the design and beautiful engravings of the minaret reflecting Islamic architecture.

There are many theses about why
the minaret is slanted.One of them is the idea that Ibrahim intentionally constructed the minaret in this way in order to reduce losses in case the minaret falls. Because there were many houses on the west side of the minaret, but there was no such situation on the east side.If the minaret falls, it would fall outside the mosque, so losses would be less.
In the nineteenth century, the traveler Graatin Gere wrote about the minaret: “when you walk to the minaret, Although it goes up,it leans a few steps from its vertical position then it returns to the same level before the balcony dome at the summit, forming like a
curved man.” After the visit of traveller Ibn Battuta to Mosul to the minaret after 2 years later its construction the minaret started to bend. Although the design is slanted, the
secret of the minaret not falling is its very fine detailed design. Because the minaret consists of two cylindrical and prismatic parts,The chamber, which is located above the prismatic part of the cylindrical part, consists of seven ring-shaped decorative parts.

The minaret has two entrances. Both of them are reaching the top of the minaret by going up the separate stairs. Ibrahim made two separate staircases in the part of a minaret which is called as ‘Hısın’ which is at the summit of the minaret.So,the one who goes up to the minaret could not see the one who goes down.In addition, Ibrahim built two stairs in the minaret in order to reduce the load of the minaret. According to Italian researchers who
came to restore cracks in the minaret in the seventies of the last century, Hadba minaret is one of the longest among its counterparts in the world and one of the most beautiful minarets in terms of urbanism and It is considered a miracle to build at this height when it was built.

Mustafa el-Faris

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