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23 Eylül 2020

During This Outbreak Turkey

It is clear that this pandemic has brought the world onto its knees. One of the people whose life has been impacted the most are the international students in various universities. Since the onset of COVID19, international students have been living with the daily reality of COVID-19 with the crisis generating stress throughout the population. International students are not only concerned that their studies will be interrupted but also that they could become infected with COVID-19 especially in a country that they are away from their family.

As a student who is pursuing his education in Turkey, I felt I am lucky to be here during this pandemic. Turkeys incredible medical foundation is strong enough to overcome the pandemic as compared to most countries. I was amused by the response of the Turkish Ministry of Health to the pandemic being an example to the rest of the world. COVID19 patients were treated and looked after for free compared to most countries where they had to pay to be treated. For example, for my country patients had to pay to be treated, while to who travelled into the country had to pay for their accommodation in quarantine facilities.

If I were to asked, which country would like to have lived during the pandemic I would have definitely chosen Turkey.

Abdishukri Rashid Aden

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