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23 Eylül 2020

Peace Be Upon The Earth’s Guests

And we praise our Lord for making us brothers. Even though our skins, languages and cultures are different, it is not grateful enough to be thankful that our Lord gives us the ability to speak the same language. Let us reject artificial boundaries and express the ways we walk in the same geography of the heart. Let the whole world witness our union. Here! we are. The young people of the Earth are here. The seed of Earth Youth, which we started in 2016, gives another fruit today. These studies, enriched by our differences, lead to the journal you have at the moment. We have left behind dozens of studies on this path that we have started in order to contribute to our brothers who have come to our country for education purposes from various regions and countries of the world. While we tried to interpret what we read in our book analysis groups, we negotiated many different topics in our lecture communities. While reinforcing our brotherhood in sports competitions, we tried to explore the signs of our Lord by hikings. In our international student meetings cooperated by us, we met with hundreds of brothers from dozens of countries and talked about our problems and suggestions for solutions, and we tried to increase our bond of friendship. All of these efforts not only enriched our march, but also renewed our hopes. And on this occasion, we decided to launch a magazine with our fellows, whom we have been working with for the same purposes for nearly four years, and we called it ‘guests of the earth’. We made great efforts in a very short period of time with a large team. We have held valuable meetings and consultations. And thankfully, we have finally arrived the end of magazine. I sincerely believe that this magazine,’ Guests of the Earth’, will turn into a furnace of wisdom where our international students share their stories of coming to Turkey, the beautiful memories they have accumulated, travel writings, and many issues that have built their world of thought, and I ask my Lord to turn it into an occasion that will strengthen our unity.

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