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23 Eylül 2020

The Art Life In Ghana

Art and culture herald the outlook of every nation. Culture is dynamic and form the core
of every society. Art is embedded in culture! And the culture of a people is expressed through arts and the creative arts industry. Every visitor to Ghana is met with the
vim, vibrancy and unique dynamism of our arts and culture. Ghana sits on 238.535 km² on the Western wing of Africa. A relatively smaller country in the face of Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. She possesses about 31 million people. Ghana is a country with the determined fortitude and so she was the first in the sub Saharan Africa to gain independence from the British colonial dominance in1957. Gold Coast was a name given to the territory called Ghana today by the colonial capitalist who had found tons of gold in
the area. Music forms part of the bloodstream of the Ghanaian art industry. Music,
they say is the heartbeat of mankind and a healing for the very essence of life. It is
used to express the general atmosphere of a people; the good, the bad and the
ugly! In the realm of music, Ghana has produced international hit stars.

Teddy Osei, Sol Amarfio, Mamon Shareef, and Farhan Freere of the Osibisa (band) fame stormed the world with their high hits in the 60s. Today, artiste like Fuse ODG, Sakordie, Shatta Wale, Stownboy, Rocky Dawuni, Atongo Zimba, Kojo Antwi and many more are the international stars credited with the blood of Ghana. It is worth acknowledging that the popular Azonto dance which took the world by storm in the recent past originated from
Ghana. Because of the arts, night life has never been boring in Ghana. The booming oil industry which is relatively a decade old has brought many expatriates to Ghana and cities like Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, go agog during night times. Craft and handiworks also take
center stage in the Ghanaian art industry. Bamboo is a popular wood that occupies large portions of the forest regions of Ghana. Bamboos is an evergreen thick wood and hollow in nature. It has been noted to possess economic and cultural significance. It is popular in many parts of the world including South East Asia, the rain forests zones of Africa. Ghana
is blessed with this economic three in large quantities. And because of the skillful and creative nature of our people, this bamboo wood has been turned into highly usable items. Bamboo bicycle is fast becoming popular trend in Ghana and no wonder bamboo bicycles
from Ghana featured prominently in Euro-bike fair in 2019. Household items like
furniture, baskets and even sandals are made with bamboo products. Bolga baskets are another popular craft in Ghana. In fact, this handmade basket is exported to many parts of the world including America. The baskets are generally hand woven from ‘kinkanhe’ grass and possess great quality and unique features in design and in colour.

Ghana also has greatly talented footballers who ply their trade in nearly every part of the world. The major leagues in Europe, China, India, America and the Arab world features great football geniuses from Ghana. Sule Ali Muntari, Jonathan Mensah, Asmoah Gyan, Andre Dede Ayew and his direct brother Jordan Ayew are few clever footballers from Ghana whose stylish footballing has prominence among footballer lovers The food culture in Ghana is supper.
Ghanaians enjoy English-like breakfast with toast bread, fried egg and tea. Besides this, koko (porridge) with koose (locally made donalts) and or kulikuli (local biscuits baked with peanuts) are very popular for breakfast. Apart from the famous Jollof, Wakye, Kenkey, Tuozafi, and Banku, the country has also adopted many foreign food recipes. It is not
uncommon to find Turkish restaurants, British Cafes and Chines food joints in many parts of Ghana. Today, democracy and good governance which run in the blood of Ghana has caught world attention. Since 1992, our country has witnessed multiple elections and change of governments. According to Barack Obama, “Ghana continues to be a good-news story”, a model of democracy. It is believed and hoped that in democracy, everything strives and everything goes well. Agreeably, Ghana has little to offer the world! But Ghana still possesses some uniqueness that the world cannot do without. Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world apart. Cocoa is the main product for the manufacture of chocolate. Gold has been mined in Ghana for over two centuries. Bauxite, manganese, iron ore, oil and gas as well fresh water are abound in Ghana.

Sualihu Abdul

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