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23 Eylül 2020

Volunteerism & Foreignism

Being dependent on free will and one’s own choice, volunteerism is not a concept of force and never can be done for return. It leads, indeed, people towards good behaviors and morals and draw the society into harmony and reflects positively on all the members of
the society. In the context, the most significant areas of volunteering are; helping refugees, who left their homelands, to get adapted to the society they are living in and to face the hard conditions and cultural and linguistic differences, and to overcome their psychological problems. However, the question is, can a foreigner be an active volunteer here? Has he/she to be? As we have explained, volunteering is a person’s choice and nobody is forced
to volunteer, whether a native or foreign is.

But, the foreign will gain good benefits if he/she volunteers by giving goodness to those around him/her, getting away from his/her personality and own problems, since he/she is an active person in society, he/she will not only add a large dimension to his/her lifestyle by going out to the community life, but also
will increase self-confidence. Volunteering, in addition, allows the foreign volunteers to meet new people and enrich their relations that help them to improve their communication skills and other talents. By volunteering, it goes from consumption to production, from stagnation to mobility. It provides a higher level of self-dependence and transforms them to people who can supply others with their needs and give them new hope. Instead of wasting time or using it in vain, volunteering gives the opportunity of spending the time in good and useful jobs. Working as a volunteer team and under various conditions, teaches different skills and talents in many different fields, moreover, it gives good rewards when it is done in the consent of Allah and in the name of goodness and worships. In turkey, thank God, volunteerism is applied in a wide range variously. Whether the association Turkish or
Arab is, people can ask help happily. If you want to add value that can improve the condition of our societies, and if you are an active and socialized person never hesitate to choose volunteering. Because volunteering is a concept of which we must apply for a better future

Said Sakka

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