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23 Eylül 2020

Where Is The West Successful

There is no way to deny that oriental philosophy, culture, and morality are gradually being done depending on the west. Even a few centuries ago, the West was hated and ruined by the East, and today they are running behind the West in their spirits. Western is now
the Orient, Regulatory, Guardian, Savior and Counselor. The Eastern states are now fully
run according to Western political, economic, administrative and judicial systems. They have learned from the West that the only economic development is the main purpose of human life,if you can do this people are successful. The West did it and succeeded; So if the East wants to bring prosperity and success in their lives, they will also have to earn
huge amount of money and improve the quality of life. In this fascination, the poorer people of the East have long been exploited by the West for decades to establish new factories, mills, factories in the Western world, spreading trade and commerce in the country and abroad, have tried day and night to improve living standard.

But after all, the economic gap between the West and the East is not in any way tame. Nor is it one of the
reasons behind straining the characteristic degradation of the Eastern nations. Even though the same political, administrative, judicial system is growing up, the people of the East are becoming hypocrites, liars, deceivers, and national interests in exile; On the other hand, the people of the West are becoming more carefulto the national interests rather
than the individual interests. The question of individual and national interest is that the two types of decisions of the same section of the people of the same line largely enlarge the gap day by day. So we need to know what is the reason for this looseness of the East? The reason is that the education system. Eastern and Western education system is not the
same, radically opposed.An education system has been created, in fact, with the aim of improving the progress of the nation, which is still taught in Western educational institutions, and the other is to create a military-subdued nation from the real education, making it a hindering and ignorant-uncivilized nation.
To break the distinction of the nation, which has been taught in Eastern educational institutions for the last hundred years.Therefore, there are two different things in purpose. Today, in the oriental schools, millions of students are devoted to education, most of them have been created in the Western Slave era. The purpose of which was to teach the nation-tribes such things by which ‘killing snake without breaking any stick.’It was a conspiracy of the West; And since these conspiracies were implemented, when the Eastern powers had the military power that was in the hands of the West, it was impossible to foil the conspiracy. For example, here I will discuss not just about any other region but only in our
Indian subcontinent. If we get the idea that the British had planted the seeds of far-flung conspiracy in our Indian sub-continent and hopefully succeeded, it would be easy to visualize the image of the Western imperialists’ conspiracy in the other regions also.We were under British colonies for two hundred years. This long time they have directly and indirectly controlled, ruled and exploited us. Basically since then, they have been
trying to spread the counterfeit conspiracy against us. Therefor they chose education system as one of the mediums for that job. By removing the previous education system, they reorganized the education system in the region.

Originally they started a new education program to provide the British’s manpower to run the administration of this vast region. Needless to say, there was no moral or ideological education like their own school college or university. There were some English, mathematics, history (originally the history of King-queen of England) to bring the skills required for the British Employees to work as
clerks under them. By those knowledge theywere compelled to suffer from inferiority complex. As a result, in that education the educated class does not know whether they have any glorious past. They started to know themselves as a sudden emerging nation. All of them began to look themselves bad in their eyes and the British masters seemed to be the best of all. The situation stood that they were called neither Indians nor British. They turned into rootless parasites. Then there is no scope of nationalism in their character. On the other hand, as well as what they learned, there was no moral or spiritual education as well, because of their backwardness. But this moral education less rootless parasites
class has been planted in the important aspects of the nation’s political, economic, business, etc. Because, there was no other way, there wasa large number of illiterate people who had no even alphabet knowledge, whereas on the other hand, the madrasa-maktab reading class was so busy with the various requirements of necessary-unnecessary matters in fatwaa. Nobody expected them to lead the nation by them. As a result, when the British went giving so-called freedom, the rootless parasitesevil class sat on the
leading chair of nations in this region. This class is leading us till today, turning the wheel of nation’s economy, making foreign deals, borrowing or paying. Since they knew the best in the schools and colleges and universities, they have tried to imitate the West, where they
have gone, naturally, wherever they are, what I said earlier. But they did not even need to think of how successful their imitation without moral and nationalism. But the reality is that their blind imitation has completely failed.

Mohammed Ataulla

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